Our Brand

Q. What makes SimplyV so “Velicous”?

A. We set out to make one of the best tasting plant-based cream cheese brands on the market! SimplyV is made from a few simple ingredients, almonds make the difference in this scrumptious, spreadable, versatile, non-dairy cheese. We are certain once you taste it you will agree… It’s Velicious!

Q. Why is your product a better choice?

A. At SimplyV, we use only naturally delicious ingredients to make our plant-based cream cheese which we believe makes people feel better about eating cheese. Our taste tests have also shown that we outperform our plant-based competition on the two most important attributes - flavor and creaminess. So you be the judge! Let us know what you think about our new line! We’d love to hear from you!

Allergens, Ingredients and Sourcing

Q. Is SimplyV suitable for people with food allergies?

A. That, of course, depends on which foods do not agree with you. SimplyV is gluten free, lactose free, dairy and egg free, and soy free. Since Simply V is made with almonds, it does contain tree nuts.

 Q. What are the key ingredients of SimplyV?

A. Almonds form the basis of SimplyV. Together with the right mixture of water, coconut oil, salt and spices, herbs and vegetables, depending on the product - these ingredients provide our unique taste experience.

Q. Does SimplyV contain lactose or gluten?

A. No, SimplyV contains neither lactose nor gluten.

Q. Does SimplyV contain calcium?

A. Besides many other nutrients, almonds also contain a good amount of calcium. Our products are made with almonds and coconut oil, so they do not have the same content of calcium from almonds, but SimplyV can by all means help contribute towards meeting your daily calcium requirements.

Q. Does SimplyV artificial colors?

A. We attach great importance to using as many natural products as possible. We thus do not use artificial colors whatsoever in our products.

Q. Does SimplyV contain any preservatives?

A. SimplyV does not use synthetic preservatives.

Q. Does SimplyV contain any GMOs?

A. SimplyV does not use any bioengineered ingredients in the making of our product.

Q. Is SimplyV organic?

A. No, but our products are made with wholesome ingredients and no artificial preservatives.

Q. How long will your product last (assuming you don’t use it in one sitting)?

A. Simply V is best used within 120 days from the date on the package. Once opened, its best to use it within 2 weeks for the best taste experience.

 Q. Where do the almonds for SimplyV come from?

A. For SimplyV, we only use sweet almonds from California, a fact that is vital for the uniquely delicious taste experience of SimplyV. Our goal is to offer you the best plant-based cheese alternative around! After all, if you like it and are satisfied, we are too.

Q. What is SimplyV’s sustainability commitment?

 A.   Franklin Foods, our parent company, is a pioneer in plant-based foods with over 30 years of experience and has a sustainability pledge to lower emissions 50% by 2025. (See Franklin Foods Sustainability commitment)

Q. Where is SimplyV manufactured?

 A. SimplyV is manufactured in the Vermont. It is the best way for us to ensure we deliver a high-quality product that meets our stringent requirements for SimplyV.

Q. Why is SimplyV sold in plastic packaging?

A. At present, the elements of our current packaging are recyclable, if they are separated properly according to the recycling regulations in your local community. And we are committed to finding alternative raw materials for packaging in the future.


Q. Where is SimplyV sold? Where can I buy it?

A. SimplyV is starting to secure distribution in the USA. The product would be found in the refrigerated aisle. Please check SimplyV’s where to buy tab for the most current listings.

Q. How do I find out about SimplyV news and special offers?

A. Simply Sign up for our newsletter to gain access to exclusive offers, fun recipes, and new product news by going to our footer and entering your email address or Contact Us, and we will add you via this link.