The Future is Plant-Based

We're committed to creating high-quality plant-based foods that are better for the earth, produce lower carbon emissions and are great tasting.

Our History

For 120 years, we've been dedicated to making great-tasting, high-quality products. Our pioneering philosophy ensures we are constantly seeking new ways to delight our consumers and create better brands for the world to share. SimplyV started as a leading European plant-based cheese brand and has now been reimagined for the USA by Franklin Foods, a pioneer in plant-based products.

We think in generations

For Franklin Foods and our parent company, Hochland Group, our commitment to sustainability means we consider which production and sourcing decisions will best serve future generations. Because protecting our future is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

Our journey to sustainability

We are well underway in our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025, and more than 90% of our packaging is already recyclable.  Our production is carbon neutral, and we continue to look for ways to produce foods that are good for us and the earth.

Farming for the future

Our almonds come directly from farms that are dedicated to delivering the very best almond products while maintaining respect for bees, farmers and the environment. Each are selected for their use of: micro-irrigation systems, solar powered irrigation systems and highly accurate irrigation data to eliminate water waste, land conservation easements and certified bee-friendly farming practices.

Minimizing plastics

We have an ambitious goal of reducing our plastic output per package by 20% by 2025 and increasing our use of recycled or bio-based plastics. We still have much work to do here but are constantly researching ways to eliminate waste through the kinds of packaging we use for our products.

At SimplyV

We, at SimplyV, are committed to making the best plant-based cream cheese. For people and planet.