Spread it.

Our plant-based cream cheese is made from a few simple ingredients. Deliciously smooth, creamy, and perfect for smearing on bagels, muffins, crackers, or celery sticks.

Made naturally. Simply delicious.

Our simply irresistible plant-based cream cheese spreads are made with plant-based ingredients. Luckily, it is available in three different flavors, a little something special for everyone to enjoy.

Simply spread it.

Our most indulgent lactose-free cream cheeses are crafted from the goodness of plants. They have a velvety smooth texture and creamy taste, making them simply delicious for breakfast, snacks, dinners, and anything in between!

Simply bake it.

SimplyV offers one of the first plant-based cream cheese bar for baking, cooking, or spreading on just about everything. This versatile and delicious cream cheese is made from a few simple ingredients, like almonds, making every bite a bit smoother and creamier than the last.

Simply love it.

A European Favorite and now available for spreading around the U.S. SimplyV plant-based cream cheese is made with simple, natural ingredients, and crafted without dairy or lactose. Chef, kid, and earth approved.

SimplyV was created to taste just as great on its own as in a recipe. From neighborhood bagel shops to large scale bakeries and restaurants, we want to bring the best-tasting creations to consumers at home, on the go and dining out.

SimplyV Head Consulting Chef, Erich Chieca

Deliciously simple for breakfast,lunch, dinner, and snacks!

The First Plant-Based Cream Cheese Bar

Made from a few simple ingredients, almonds make the difference in this spreadable, versatile and non-dairy cream cheese.

Amazing Dishes. Delicious Recipes.

Recipes for baking, spreading and everything in between, try our recipes and taste amazing.

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Sustainability is part of our philosophy.

Eating and enjoying plant-based foods can make our everyday lives more sustainable. It's easy, and it tastes delicious too! So we at SimplyV have set ambitious goals for the future because sustainability is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. To do this, we put everything to the test – the raw materials, the packaging, and, of course, the production. We work every day to become just that little bit better. After all, we are in this together.

Almonds make the difference!